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Uncharted Play

A big THANK YOU!  to my first Tumblr follower, Uncharted Play.  This is a really cool company with an even cooler concept.

Uncharted Play is what I refer to as a social enterprise.  Simply put that means that they are running a business, and have to do “businessy”  things like market and pay employees, but their mission is to make a real impact on the world.  Uncharted Play defines their mission as:

To create fun products and services that allow people to rethink the function of play both as a tool to address major issues facing society today and as a way to keep joy at the forefront of our lives.

How cool is that?  Not only are they running a business, they are making a difference.

Now what is even cooler is this contraption you see pictured at the top of the post.  You know that if some has a fascinating gadget I’m going to be all about it.  This is the Soccket.  At first glance you would think that it is a soccer ball, and you would be right.  What makes this ball unique is that there is a gyroscopic mechanism inside of it that generates power and stores the power for later use.  So the kids can take it out for an afternoon and kick the mess out of it.  When they bring it home they have a six watt power supply that can be used to do anything from run a lamp to charge a phone, or even run a water sterilizer.  When the power discharges, guess what?  It’s time to go play soccer again!  So a family gets power that it otherwise wouldn’t have, and the kids have lots of good reasons to exercise.  Everybody wins!  The Soccket reportedly can provide three hours of light after only 30 minutes of play.

At Uncharted Play’s site you can send one of these to your choice of under developed areas for $60.  Nice.  They also sell t-shirts for $30 in order to raise funds for an area that is in need.  Even nicer.

You can also follow Uncharted Play’s Tumblr here.

Thanks again for the follow guys!  My best to you on fulfilling your mission.  I look forward to seeing what you do.

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